FiveM RP Mod Menu

Try this mod menu, custom made for FiveM RP gameplay. Also works for standard GTA 5.

  • Compatibility: FiveM, GTA 5, RageMP, GTMP
  • File Size: 85.7MB
  • Status: Undetected
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How to Install & Use the Menu

  1. Download the zip file from the button above.
  2. Extract (drag and drop) the folder from the zip file to your desktop or anywhere else on your computer.
  3. Start the FiveM Mod Menu application file in the folder.
  4. Start FiveM RP and enjoy.
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What’s A Mod Menu?

Mod menus offer a better and convenient way to play GTA V on your FiveM server. It lets you include additional features that weren’t primarily coded into the game by the developer, similar to how redENGINE works.

Players can now customize their gameplay and achieve better results in missions. You can also navigate better through the map and have an advantage over other characters in quests or over cops as they chase you.

The FiveM mod menu is the best option for many gamers. It is simple to use owing to an interactive user interface. This makes activating features and running them in the game easier. It also makes it the best mod menu option for beginners.

This mod menu is also light and will not take up many resources from your PC. You can play better and not experience any lags in your server.


These are the properties in the mod menu to play with. They will be reflected in your gameplay, and you can thus enjoy all the benefits they offer. They will also influence your game heavily, making it interesting. Here are some of the features of our FiveM mod menu.

Infinite money

This feature gives you all the money you need as you play the game. It will automatically add up in your account as you play. This will save you many hours of gameplay as you try to get enough money to buy the items you need. It also lets you buy more houses and cars in the game, making your gameplay entertaining.


This feature on the FiveM mod menu makes taking shots at rivals and cops easier. It will be added to improve your aim whenever you fire. All your bullets will hit the right targets. It also makes it easier to take down enemies without having to fire many rounds. You can thus last longer in the game.

No recoil

This feature makes it easier to fire heavy rifles without having to aim every time you do. It will remove all the recon in the guns, and you can take as many shots as you want to. This will make you a better player and helps you fire continuously without missing your targets.

Infinite health

The feature on the FiveM mod menu will ensure you never die in the course of your gameplay, regardless of the injuries you sustain. Your player will recover faster, and your health rating will always be at 100. You can thus complete more missions and evade police pursuits easily.

Will you get banned for using FiveM mod menus?

This is a major concern for many gamers, as using mods exposes them to the risk of getting banned. You, however, don’t have to worry about this as you run our FiveM mod menu on your server. It is only used in single-player mode, and this is allowed by the game developers. You can thus personalize your gaming experience without any risks.

Our FiveM mod menu will also remain undetected throughout your gameplay. Download the mod menu from our website and enjoy an elevated experience as you move through Los Santos in GTA V.

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