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FiveM is a reliable modification framework that aims to make gameplay on GTA V better. Players can now access dedicated servers where they can make all the modifications they want to the game. As a result, you can now customize your gaming experience, accomplish all the objectives you want to in a shorter time experience more as you play GTA V.

Players can make these modifications using FiveM scripts. These are lines of code that are executed in the game to bring up the desired outcome. It will help you alter various aspects of the game depending on what you want to get.

Getting safe and reliable scripts is now easier as you can download them from our website. We sell all the FiveM scripts you will need in your games at a good price, and all gamers can now enjoy their gameplay more.

What FiveM scripts are available for sale?

Our team has developed numerous scripts that cater to every aspect of the game. This makes it easy to decide the approach you want to take in your games. Here are some of the scripts you can purchase from our website.

Fire script

This script lets you start fires within your gameplay. Once the fires are started, you are the only one who can put them out. This lets you burn anything you want to and will come in handy as you try to escape from the police.

GCPhone v3

You can now customize your in-game phone to your liking by adding more features such as covers, screen savers, and social media applications.

Jail script

This script lets you send any player on your server to jail. It is convenient as it gives you ultimate control over who plays the game, and they will stay in jail for the period you want them to.

These are some of the many scripts available on our website for sale. You can look through our website and click on the one you want, and make your payments.

Are ESX scripts safe for your PC?

All our FiveM ESX scripts are safe to download and run on your PC. We have included several security features that ensure you never have to worry about malware attacks. The scripts are also undetectable as you run them in your games. This thus allows you to enjoy all the benefits they offer and customize your gameplay without worrying about getting banned. Once you buy and download our FiveM scripts, you are guaranteed high protection levels.

Why should you buy custom scripts?

All our FiveM scripts are available at a great deal. Our prices are the best in the market, and you can still get additional deals when you buy multiple scripts. In addition, it is convenient for many gamers as you can now have all the scripts you need as you play GTA V.

Our scripts are also easy to download and run in your game. We have included guides that will take you through loading them into your game and how to activate and deactivate them. You are sure to get the complete package when you buy our FiveM scripts.